Meet Tripp Stanford – Communications Co-Director

Digital Marketing Director, Papercut Interactive

“Classic tech company headshot.”

Q: Is there a person that you look up to that inspires the career moves you’ve made so far? This can be a person you know, or a public figure (dead or alive).

A: I’ve been blessed to have multiple mentors in my life that have taught me and encouraged me to take courageous steps in my career, but if I would pick just one, I’d choose my grandfather. I consider my grandfather to be one of the most hardworking, customer-centric people I’ve known. He past away ten years ago now, but I always catch myself thinking, “would he be proud of the work I’ve accomplished?”


Q: Is there something you learned as a child that taught you something profound that you carry with you as a young professional?

A: My Dad taught me one major lesson growing up, and it was to never quit. It sounds pretty basic, but when work is tough, you’re not feeling respected, they’re not paying you enough, it’s easy to just quit and give up. The thing he taught me is put your head down and just keep working, you’ll find success in the end.


Q: What is the hardest lesson you’ve learned in your career so far?

A: 70% of a job is doing something you’ve never done before. Now 5 years into my career, it’s still that way. The way you pursue your work every day, knowing you’re walking into uncharted territory is what makes you as a person.


Q: If you were to write an autobiography, what would it be titled?

A: “A Tripp of a Lifetime”

….I couldn’t help myself.


Q: If you knew you would be forced to leave Chattanooga in 1 year from today, what would you like to accomplish here before you go?

A: I’d love to squeeze in every climbing crag, swimming hole, fishing spot possible with my roomies before the year is up.