Meet Josh Cropp – Vice President

Wealth Advisor, HHM Wealth Management

Q: Is there a person that you look up to that inspires the career moves you’ve made so far? This can be a person you know, or a public figure (dead or alive).

A: Not really, I am fortunate enough to have some mentors who have been there to help with advice when I need it. I read a lot from great investors and economist and try to learn from their teachings to be successful. I also focus time towards learning to be more productive.


Q: Is there something you learned as a child that taught you something profound that you carry with you as a young professional?

A: Trust in yourself and have a plan. I was forced to learn independence early in my life and that allowed me to understand that my life would be what I made it. Most of my success I can trace back to having a clear plan, and most of my failures I can also trace back to a lack of a clear plan.


Q: What is the hardest lesson you’ve learned in your career so far?

A: The topic of money is more taboo than you would think. People are fearful to talk about their inexperience or failures, as well as what they see as current shortcomings. A large portion of my job is behavioral coaching, trying to get people to change their views and start doing what is needed now.


Q: If you were to write an autobiography, what would it be titled?

A: Doing easy things the hard way


Q: If you knew you would be forced to leave Chattanooga in 1 year from today, what would you like to accomplish here before you go?

A: That is a tough question because I have committed to being in Chattanooga for the rest of my working life. I would try to get my son as much time with my parents, who live here before we left.