Let the good times roll

We’ve got news.

Young Professionals of Chattanooga (YPC) has been a place where individuals from varying industries, backgrounds, regions and skill levels congregate to better themselves, forge business connections and seek personal and professional growth. Oh, and sometimes make new friends.
YPC’s mission states that we desire to be Chattanooga’s leadership incubator – the first place employers send their most talented people, and the first place Chattanooga’s young professionals look for connection, growth and to give back. 

In the last three years alone, YPC has:

  • Expanded (doubled!) the cohort size for Protégé Chattanooga (our group mentorship/professional development program)
  • Hosted over 60 events focused on professional development and building a network of YPs (some like you, some very different than you)
  • Partnered with other community organizations and efforts like Startup Week, Step Up Chattanooga and Chattanooga Area Food Bank  

We are proud of all we have done to foster this community of young professionals, but we know that we can do more to ensure Chattanooga is a place where young talent thrives.
What’s changing?
Instead of acting as a separate organization, YPC’s board has agreed to fully integrate with the Chattanooga Chamber Foundation as a core strategy of its Talent Initiatives department. This change allows YPC to better execute our mission and grow our work with the support of Chamber staff.
The Chamber has led several efforts over the last year to help Chattanooga craft the 20-year vision of the kind of community we want to be, and identify the greatest challenges to reaching that vision. Across all of this work, cultivating and expanding young, vibrant, diverse leadership in this community has consistently risen as a top priority of the Chamber and the community.
YPC’s Board believes that the Chamber will be a game-changer for us. We love our community of young professionals, and we believe that we can accomplish more together than we can apart.  We are prouder than ever, and eager to share the good news with you.
How does this affect YPC’s events?
YPC’s programming will continue. While we (and the Chamber) are not afraid of change, we see value in continuing our regular professional development and networking programs. You may see slight changes in venue, content and scheduling in the next year – but we’re not going cold turkey on any of these programs you know and love.
How does this impact my YPC membership?
Until now, YPC has collected annual membership fees to support our programs. Given this transition, we are happy to announce that beginning in the next fiscal year (July 1), we will no longer charge annual membership fees. Yay! Some of YPC’s programs will still collect a fee at the door, and corporate partnerships will be critical to continuing and expanding the great work of YPC, but we hope removing the annual membership fee also removes a barrier to joining our community.
How does this impact my company’s sponsorship?
YPC would not be where we are today without generous sponsorships from the business community and employers of young professionals. We’re so grateful for your support. Opportunities to sponsor YPC will still exist. Our regular program will still allow for us to recognize those who choose to sponsor YPC through this transition.
When does this change take place?
This change will go into effect July 1, 2019. For the first year of this transition, a group of existing board members (combined with a few new) will participate in an advisory board that works closely with the Chamber’s staff who are dedicated to all that this project entails.

We know that not everyone likes change, so we welcome any questions you may have about this transition.
Share your questions or concerns by emailing change@ypchattanooga.org.
Until next time,
Kaia Moore
YPC President 2018-19