Step-Up CHA – 2018 Community Service Initiative

Last year, YPC had an opportunity to participate in an amazing program, Step-UP CHA. This program for local high school students gives them an opportunity to work with local business as a paid summer intern. The program is not just about some summer spending money, it is about the experience and job skills these student receive before they step foot in a college classroom.
As a middle school teacher, I begin each year asking my students what they want to be when they grow up. There’s a lot of doctors and scientists, some actors and artists, and more than a few professional athletes. I ask this because I want to know what angle to approach my students from to grab their interest.
By the time these students arrive in high school, their “what they want to be when they grow up” becomes more refined. Careers like lawyer, programmer, and entrepreneur appear. However, some students do not have an example of a lawyer, doctor, programmer, engineer, or entrepreneur in their immediate network. This is where Step-UP CHA comes in. 
We, as professionals, can be that example. A real living, breathing, walking, professional! Last year we were paired up with three or so students to work on their resumes. Let me tell you, they were rough, but it was a 16 year-old… with a resume! I don’t know about you, but I didn’t create a resume until I was in college.  
We helped these students unpack their experiences and realize value in what they had already done. Whether it was through creating a personal brand on social media and gathering follows, being a greeter at their church to work on soft skills, or being part of a fast food team who won an award for customer satisfaction. 
I remember showing my resume to one group of girls while I looked over their resumes for great items they included or places to improve. One of them exclaimed, “Wait, this is just bragging about yourself!” This exchange led them to think about all the positive things they had done from volunteering to helping co workers cover a shift. 
I hope you can experience the joy of mentoring a future business leader. Sign up to join us on Saturdays in January and February from 11:00-12:00 at this link. Sign up for one day or all of them, and grab a friend or coworker to bring along. The more people we have, the smaller our groups will be, and the better chance you will have at making a lasting impact.
I look forward to seeing you on Saturday!
-Tad Russell