Meet Shawanda Mason-Moore – Member at Large

Co-Founder, The Chattery, Eat. Drink. Frolic.

Communications Manager, Causeway

“I chose this photo because it’s fun and I’m doing what I love:

laughing and having a cocktail.”

Q: Is there a person that you look up to that inspires the career moves you’ve made so far? This can be a person you know, or a public figure (dead or alive).

A: I feel like the cliche answer for me is Oprah but it’s true. I love her wisdom and insight for things about life and work. The other person is Elaine Welteroth. Elaine is the former editor-in-chief for Teen Vogue. She has a ‘no fear’ type of attitude in the way she approaches life and her professional decisions – I love her!


Q: Is there something you learned as a child that taught you something profound that you carry with you as a young professional?

A: The answer is always no if you never ask. My father told me this all throughout my childhood and even now he reminds me of that.


Q: What is the hardest lesson you’ve learned in your career so far?

A: Everyone’s not rooting for your success and you have to be careful who you share your dreams with.


Q: If you were to write an autobiography, what would it be titled?

A: Seriously, I think about this weekly. It would more than likely be called: “Cocktails First, Questions Later”. Second runner up: “Always Waiting for a Burrito: A Memoir”


Q: If you knew you would be forced to leave Chattanooga in 1 year from today, what would you like to accomplish here before you go?

A: I would like to find a space that The Chattery could grow and flourish in. The space would continue to provide a platform for small business owners and curious Chattanoogans.