Meet: Eric Collins, Sponsorship Director

Director of Consulting Services, CGI

“I love traveling when work allows, and I’m so simple even

some “old rocks” can make me smile.”


Q: Is there a person that you look up to that inspires the career moves you’ve made so far? This can be a person you know, or a public figure (dead or alive).

A: I have the stereotypical answer, but am proud of it. My father. He hasn’t the slightest idea of what a day in the life of a Software Consulting Director does, but he has always challenged me growing up and throughout my professional career. “What’s your next challenge? What do you want to accomplish?” Not only that, but he has also made sure I take care of the people around me. My favorite quote from my father is, “Treat everyone you pass on the ladder of success fairly because you never know if you have to pass them when you come back down it.”


Q: Is there something you learned as a child that taught you something profound that you carry with you as a young professional?

A: I would not say it was profound, but at an early age I was always intrigued with how computers worked. I remember taking mine apart to understand it and also customizing it with a CD Burner (thought I was the coolest kid on the block). This was the first time I understood the go-getter attitude. Be proactive in learning and understanding to set goals you can achieve.


Q: What is the hardest lesson you’ve learned in your career so far?

A: You will not always know everything put in front of you, but how you figure out the unknown makes you who you are as a person.


Q: If you were to write an autobiography, what would it be titled?

A: How a Bama Fan Survives in Tennessee. ☺


Q: If you knew you would be forced to leave Chattanooga in 1 year from today, what would you like to accomplish here before you go?

A: While I’m really active, I have not seen everything this great city (and the surrounding area) has to offer. I would make sure to put some hiking, camping, site-seeing on my to-do list.