Let’s Define The Relationship

Everyone remembers their very first “DTR” — that point where you “define the relationship” with someone you’ve been spending a lot of quality time with. You “make things official,” you bear your soul, you find some way to say how you feel and what that person means to you. Despite not being in middle school anymore, I felt a DTR would be a good exercise for us all considering a question that I’ve been asked a lot lately:

“Am I a Young Professional?”

For many years, the majority of YP members, sponsors, and mentors have come from the banking & finance, legal & civil, suit & pencil skirt wearing worlds. And for the most part, the majority of these folks live & work in the surrounding downtown neighborhoods, all within a 5 mile radius. While many (myself included) would argue that living and working downtown is the best, I realize that what’s not meant to be a bubble can sometimes come across as one if you don’t receive a handwritten invitation.

Simply put: YP’s mission & vision are not limited to a specific zip code, or area of expertise. We’re not exclusively for the start-up or entrepreneurial crowd, we’re not limited to the financial or legal professions. We want and need to stretch far beyond that as Chattanooga undergoes tremendous growth, especially the education, manufacturing, and creative industries.

So let’s define the relationship.

You are a Young Professional.

You can wear button-ups & bowties or sandals & a smock to work, but YP Chattanooga has space for you. This space we cultivate is for humans under 40 that are working or looking for work in and around Chattanooga. These humans share an interest in building community, growing professionally, and investing themselves in this place that we all call home.


Kaia Moore

Vice President

YP Chattanooga

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