Henderson Hutcherson and McCullough is 2012 Rivalry Cup at Baylor Champion

Henderson Hutcherson and McCullough, a local accounting firm in the heart of downtown Chattanooga, took home the title of 2012 champion of the Rivalry Cup at Baylor, an annual charity kickball tournament hosted by the Young Professionals Association of Chattanooga (YPAC).

The event raised $1250, and the champion chose a charity to whom the proceeds would be donated. Representing the Chattanooga Room in the Inn, Henderson Hutcherson and McCullough came out in full force with an undefeated record.

A check was recently presented to Chattanooga Room in the Inn this past week by representatives of both YPAC and Henderson Hutcherson and McCullough.

Other participating teams and charities in this year’s event included:

· Decosimo, supporting the UnFoundation;

· Access America, Lamp Post Group and Nooga.com, supporting St. Jude Children’s Hospital;

· Fred and Company, an individual-led team, supporting the Alzheimer’s Association;

· Propex, supporting the American Cancer Society.