2014 YP Entrepreneur of the Year


YP Entrepreneur of the Year Finalists


Nolberto Ayala – AK Roofing & More – Born In Puerto Cortes, Honduras Central America in January 12, 1977.  My Mother’s name Daisy Delgado. I have one older brother and one older sister and two younger sisters, all currently living in Chattanooga. I have two kids Jackie, 8 years old and Julian 5 years old. Moved to the united states in may 1991, became a citizen in 1995. Attended William L Dickinson High School in Jersey city NJ,  from 1992 to 1996. Assisted Rutgers University in New Brunswick NJ for two years from 1996-1998. Moved to Chattanooga in 1998, and graduated from Chattanooga State Community College with an associates degree in Hospitality Management in 2000. Decided to moved to Jacksonville FL in 2003 (I was 26 years old and felt adventurous). left to find and opportunity in the hospitality, however, ended up working  in a telecommunications company as a sales rep from 2003 to 2004. In 2004 went to work for a financial services company and worked there as mortgage broker, insurance specialist for almost 5 years. in 2010 I made a decision to come back to Chattanooga to settle down.  I started working for an roofing company and within a year decided to open up my own roofing company. AK roofing and more was funded and I still own it. In the December of 2012 my wife and I decided to do something to help low income families in the community. We started My Provider Store and Donation Center, receiving donations from family and people from our church. We donated 50 toys in December of 2013 to kids in Honduras  and will like to continue helping others. My three basic principles in life are 1 faith, 2 family 3 firm ( business). 

Joe Ledbetter & Tim Piersant – Chattanooga Whiskey




Max Poppel & Dan Rose – The Crash Pad & Flying Squirrel Bar – We both grew up outside of Boston, MA and followed our passion for rock climbing down to Chattanooga, TN. We had no aspirations to start any businesses or doing anything entrepreneurial, we just thought Chattanooga was an amazing place to live, work and play, and we knew we wanted to be here. After a few years our entrepreneurial juices subconsciously made us realize that Chattanooga had a conspicuous lack of a base camp or community hub for all the domestic and international climbers that were coming to town for our world-class rock. This idea evolved from a camp ground for climbers to a base camp for all outdoor adventurers coming through town and we thought a boutique hostel was the best way to accomplish this. We’d always wanted to have a bar component to this project, and when we ended up in the Southside of downtown we knew the neighborhood needed another bar and restaurant, specifically filling the late-night and Sunday voids. Couple our complete lack of experience with our enthusiasm to create great businesses regardless of the odds, and here we are a few years later with The Crash Pad and Flying Squirrel.


Bob & Courtney Poore – Nooga Paws – A professional couple with promising careers, Bob and Courtney Poore desired more – an opportunity to pour their passion and purpose into a business of their own. Settled in Chattanooga, they sensed an evolving community embracing a sustainable environment and choosing a natural, healthy lifestyle. Fervent dog and cat owners, Bob and Courtney realized a business opportunity to extend that same lifestyle to pet parents by offering healthy foods and treats for their dogs and cats. Lacking retail experience and uneducated in pet nutrition, they were undeterred and spent months researching and developing their marketing strategy. Convinced that Chattanooga would embrace a pet nutrition market, Bob and Courtney sold their home and used their savings to launch Nooga Paws targeting pet parents with a unique marketing style that provides the highest quality healthy foods, environmental friendly pet essentials, and self-service wash stations as a grooming alternative. With a successful first year behind them, Bob and Courtney continue to research pet nutrition and brands, search for opportunities to educate the public on pet nutrition, market products grown or made locally, and make Nooga Paws a really fun place for pet parents and most importantly, their beloved pets.


Adam Boeslager & Nick Macco – Southtree – Southtree is led by the desire to bring value to things that have been devalued. Practically, Southtree does this by preserving outdated memories – tapes, film, photos, and audio – into digital DVD keepsakes and files that are both usable and safe for future generations.   Southtree has been bootstrapping from the beginning, reinvesting profit, and over the past four years have grown from a team of just three to a team of almost forty, located on the Southside here in Chattanooga.  Last year our team digitized over 100,000 videotapes and 600,000 photos as we have emerged as an online leader of digitization, shipping over 30,000 orders to families in all fifty states.  As a company led by millennials, Southtree’s company culture works to shake the typical labels assigned to our generation by becoming a place where hard work, responsibility, and care for our work are core tenants.  From day one Southtree’s DNA was infused with a desire to give back, and Southtree does this by keeping production here in Chattanooga, promoting employees from within the organization, and partnering to support non-profit work in Cambodia, donating 10% of profits to build a community development center to help those who are in need.  Southtree has never been about Nick and Adam, but is an organization intentionally built to bring value back to old memories, and make a meaningful impact those involved.